KINGSTON - A team from the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) visited Mabaruma in Region One (1) on March 29, 2016 to conduct training in Safe Boating Practices for boat operators in that area.


Some of the topics covered in the training were, Navigation Rules of the Road, Emergencies from Boating Operations, and Hazards Associated with Boating Operations.

A Certificate of Competency will be issued to successful boat operators which will pave the way for them to operate safely on the Mabaruma waterways.

In an effort to ensure safety is maintained on the waterways, MARAD had embarked on an enhanced safety campaign in 2015 for the training of boat operators on Safe Boating Practices throughout Guyana.

Boat operators in Region Five (5) have since completed training and were certified in their respective areas of operation.

MARAD will continue with its training for operators in the Port Kaituma, Morucca areas, and in other Regions of the country. The objective is to ensure that all vessels are operating with relevant licenses, and that safe practices are upheld on the country’s waterways.