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Responsible for planning, directing and coordinating all project activities funded by the Government of Guyana and international funding agencies (IDB, IDA, etc.) involving the Review of design, construction methodologies and principles of rehabilitation of infrastructure works in Guyana, along with the necessary maintenance management programmes.



2.                 DIMENSIONS OF POSITION:




The Engineer practises in the specialised Civil Engineering discipline concerned primarily with the planning, design, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of infrastructure works along with subsidiary structures and facilities such as airport runways, bridges, culverts, tunnels, sea defence etc. The incumbent is required to formulate and administer the Engineering guidelines relevant to infrastructure, drawing on all the inter-disciplinary expertise and experience of allied professionals resident in the Various Agencies, including Environmental Engineer, Senior Engineer Bridges, Senior Engineer Road Maintenance Safety and Traffic, Sea Defence, Material Manager and Safety/Traffic Engineer.  In this regard, the incumbent must ensure that all applicable National laws and statutes - e.g. right of way, environment, safety, etc. - are factored into the planning process of all infrastructure works.


The incumbent exercises the main responsibility within the Inspectorate Unit for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of infrastructure works, and as such is required to participate in the process of policy formulation for the Infrastructure Works and to develop short and medium term work programmes for inspection of works. In this regard, the incumbent liaises on a regular basis with representatives of all government agencies. In addition, the incumbent must ensure that there is a sufficient degree of synchronization between the agencies that will enable a comprehensive programme in developing implementation works.



The incumbent is required to display extensive skills and experience in infrastructure design and project management and is expected to foster teamwork during inspection and display a high level communication skills which is required for interaction with field employees from within government and other external agencies, donors, subordinates, kindred professionals, Consultants, Contractors and the public.




B.     PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES TO ATTAIN ACCOUNTABILITY OBJECTIVE: (These statements identify specific activities necessary to attain the overall objectives while not precluding the position holder from carrying out other related duties that may be inherent in the position)


ASSISTS all agencies in formulating and administering policies for the Division in general and for infrastructure projects in particular - both rehabilitation and reconstruction - with a view of ensuring Quality Control.


ADMINISTERS inspection of all infrastructure works, ensuring that they are safe, environmentally friendly and well maintained.


PREPARES reports based on inspections executed along with the  recommendations for any corrective works needed.


PARTICIPATES in the approval process for proposed designs submitted by Consultants; reviewsdesign and other specifications, ensuring that all relevant knowledge gained from local operating conditions and experience are appropriately factored in.


PARTICIPATES in the approval process for proposed tenders submitted by Contractors; partnering conference with representatives of the Contractor, Consultant and the funding agency.


PARTICIPATE with the Environmental Engineer the preparation of environmental guidelines and mitigation measures for inclusion in the Contractor's Terms of Reference after approval by the funding agency. Arranges for the adoption of such environmental plan by the Government of Guyana.


MONITORS on a daily basis all on-going project work funded by the Government, external tenders etc. with a view to ensuring that progress is on schedule and within prescribed budget. Confers with Consultant and Contractor's project personnel to provide technical advice and to resolve problems.


ENSURES that all the applicable laws and regulations of Guyana are complied with by the WSG, Contractors and Consultants.


ENSURES that the quality of building materials used by Contractors is closely monitored for the highest integrity and that completed works certified by the Consultant are within the stipulated specifications.


COORDINATES the preparation of progress reports according to donor requirements. Reviewsperiodic activity reports and financial statements to determine progress and status in attaining objectives and revises objectives and plans in accordance with current conditions.


ADVISES the Chief Roads and Bridges Officer on technical matters pertaining to highway projects.










DIRECTLY                                                          INDIRECTLY

Engineer Secondary Roads                                                Clerk of Works



D.  PRINCIPAL EXTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS: (The incumbent relates to the following external agencies/ functionaries in pursuing accountability objectives)


§  International Funding Agencies - IDB, IDA, etc.

§  Other Government Ministries/Agencies, such as Ministry of Finance, Central Tender Board, Ministry of Communities, Regional Administrations, Ministry of Legal Affairs, Municipalities, Drainage and Irrigation Board, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), etc.

§  Contractors and Consultants (local and foreign)








Recognised Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent qualification,


Plus Optional


Recognised specialised Post-graduate degree/diploma in Senior Engineer designs or such related field,




At least six years' post-first degree qualification experience in planning, design, construction and maintenance of civil engineering or related works, of which at least three must have been gained in relation to civil structures such as roads, bridges, sluices, culverts, etc. Use of the computer in engineering and general-purpose applications as well as for project management would be a definite asset. Must be familiar with the procurement rules and guidelines of International Funding Agencies.





F.  LICENCE(S):  Valid Driver's Licence - Car/Van