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Conduct continuous examination, evaluation and analysis of existing and all projects and financial systems and practices for compliance and advise on adequacy/inadequacy of the internal control systems and practices which can best achieve the desired objective of optimization of efficiency in the allocation and utilization of all resources, records and efficiency of operations within the unit.
The Auditor reports directly to the Permanent Secretary and is responsible for conducting independent audits of all projects and management systems in order to allow Management to review the effectiveness of controls, accuracy of financial records and the efficiency of operations within the unit. In this regard, the incumbent is required to make periodic visits to project field offices.
The incumbent examines records and interviews employees in the process of ensuring that transactions are recorded accurately and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The incumbent also inspects accounting systems to determine their efficiency and protective value and, in addition, reviews records pertaining to material assets and staffing to determine degree to which they are effectively utilised.
The Auditor makes recommendations for improvement where weaknesses in internal controls are discovered and monitors their implementation. Where applicable, the incumbent also ensures that the recommendations of the Office of the Auditor General are implemented. The incumbent may be required to conduct special studies for Management, such as those required to uncover the mechanics of detected fraud and to develop controls for fraud prevention.
The Auditor directs and coordinates the work of auxiliary staff engaged in the supervision and execution of audits and is required to display extensive communication skills in interacting productively with government and other external agencies. 
B.PRINCIPAL ACTIVITIES TO ATTAIN ACCOUNTABILITY OBJECTIVE: (These statements identify specific activities necessary to attain the overall objectives while not precluding the position holder from carrying out other related duties that may be inherent in the position)
ASSISTS Permanent Secretary in formulating and administering policies for the Audit Unit of the Inspectorate Unit. Assists in the preparation of associated budgets.
DEVELOPS a comprehensive audit programme for the evaluation of all internal management and financial controls for all project and other activities within the unit.
REVIEWS and updates the audit manual to reflect recommended improvements to the system.
PLANS and directs the on-going audit of the unit systems by subordinate staff designed to examine records, study internal systems, review asset register, etc. with a view to ensuring that transactions are recorded accurately and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
ANALYSES data obtained from audits for evidence of deficiencies in controls, duplication of effort, extravagance, fraud, or lack of compliance with laws, government regulations and management policies or procedures.
PREPARES report of findings of audit from all projects for Management complete with the necessary recommendations for improvements.
MONITORS the implementation of recommended improvements to the internal management systems in the unit in order to ensure that they are being adhered to and are producing the desired results.
ENSURES that recommendations of the Office of the Auditor General are implemented as fully as is practicable.
CONDUCTS special studies or investigations for Management, such as those required to uncover the mechanics of detected fraud and develops controls for fraud prevention.
EVALUATES performance of staff directly supervised for compliance with established policies and objectives as well as on the basis of their specific contributions in attaining set objectives. Maps out training plan in relevant areas, such as accounting and audit, in order to foster the development of staff.
ADVISES Permanent Secretary on all internal audit matters.
C.PRINCIPAL EXTERNAL RELATIONSHIPS: (The incumbent relates to the following external agencies/ functionaries in pursuing accountability objectives)
International Funding Agencies - IDB, IDA, EU, CDB, etc.
Office of the Auditor General
Other Government Ministries/Agencies, such as Ministry of Finance, National Tender Board, Ministry of Communities, Regional Administrations, Municipalities, etc.
Consultants and Contractors (local and foreign)
Recognised Bachelor's degree in Accountancy, or equivalent
Professional qualifications at the level of ACA/ACCA or equivalent,
At least ten years' post-qualification experience in an accounting/financial operation, of which at least three must have been at the level of Internal Auditor. Must be familiar with accounting procedures for loans given by International Funding Agencies. Must be computer literate, with specific emphasis on spreadsheet applications and the use of accounting packages.
F.  LICENCE(S):Valid Driver's Licence - Car/Van