The Works Services Group (WSG) was established in 2002 under donor impetus by merging a series of project implementation units in order to manage donor-funded roads and bridges.

During 2008, the Sea and River Defences Division (SRDD) was merged with the WSG in order to improve the efficiency of sea defence management, share the regional operational facilities of the WSG, improve staff performance and reduce staff turn-over.

The unification now manage cultures, systems and procedures of both the present WSG and the SRDD, and the joint department has operated de facto more like a standard public works department directly employing maintenance teams in the regions.

The SRDD is charged with putting protective measures in place to prevent inundation along coastal and riverine areas throughout the length of Guyana.

Due to the magnitude of the works that have to be carried out, eight districts have been set up to ensure transparency and accountability of the works executed. In each district, an Engineer oversees the projects.

Below are the contact numbers for district/sub offices:

District 1 – Anna Regina, Essequibo. Telephone number: 771-4359/60

District 2 – Good Success, Wakenaam. Telephone number: 774-5420/21

District 3 – Enterprise, Leguan. Telephone number: 260-0709

District 4 – Den Amstel, WCD. Telephone number: 276-3369

District 5 – Paradise, ECD. Telephone number: 256-3777

Districts 6 & 7 - Overwagt WCB. Telephone number: 328-2962

District 8 – Tarlogie, Corentyne Coast


Also at each sub office, the Ministry has workers who maintain the river and sea defence structures.